Buyers Inspections

If you are purchasing an existing home, a buyer's  home inspection will identify major concerns, potential problems, and routine maintenance areas of the home as well as positive aspects and above average construction features. Maintenance areas will also be identified that will help you in avoiding expensive problems in the future and help keep your home in good condition. The full home inspection covers foundation/structure, roof, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, attached appliances, exterior and interior walls.

New Construction Inspections

If you are building or purchasing a new home let us tailor an inspection to meet your needs. Potential problems and oversights can be identified and brought to the attention of the builder while they are visible and easy to correct, possibly saving time, expense, and headaches later on.  And the builder will know that someone is looking out for your interests on the job site.  

One-Year New Home Warranty Inspections

On new homes most builders provide a one-year home warranty. Prior to the expiration of your one-year home warranty it is recommended that a third party inspection be performed on your home. This type of inspection will help to identify any construction flaws or problems with the home that could have risen within the past year. This inspection will provide a comprehensive repair list that can be presented to your Builder.

Sellers Inspection

If you are getting ready to sell your home, a seller's inspection will help prepare your home to go on the market helping prevent unexpected or embarrassing surprises that may be uncovered by potential buyers. The inspection and report will help you in correcting problem areas, assisting in valuing and pricing the home, and preparing a negotiation strategy. Delays due to re-negotiations and amended contracts because of unknown property conditions can be avoided, expediting the sales process. The report can even be used as a sales tool to show to prospective buyers.

Termite inspections available

Upon completion of all inspections we will provide a computer generated report with digital pictures.